Competition Teams

Girls Team

We have GIRLS competitive teams beginning at Level 1 and advancing through the optional levels competing in AAU and USA Gymnastics competitions. Our competitive gymnasts are selected based on skill ability, maturity, and capability. Gymnasts compete in the spring, depending on the level, in AAU or USA Gymnastic sanctioned meets.

Gymnastics is a developmental sport. Coaches determine when the gymnast will move to the next level based on a variety of factors. Gymnasts are not moved to the next level based upon parent/athlete request nor upon other athletes ability. We believe that each child should progress at their own speed.

Our team coaching staff is certified through USA Gymnastics in addition to their many years of competitive gymnastic training and instruction.

Pre-Team Classes

Girls are invited from our recreational classes to join the Pre-Team. These classes are designed for the gymnast not quite ready for the competitive team. Depending on the age and level of the gymnast, classes are held weekly or bi-weekly. This introductory team level is designed to assist the gymnast in strength, flexibility, and overall skill development. Classes concentrate on the requited skills needed in the future for advancement to the team level. Preparation is a must for today’s competitions.

Advanced Boys

This weekly 2 hour class is designed for the gymnast seeking further skill development in preparation for team competition. Gymnasts work to increase their strength, flexibility, and skill in the 6 gymnastic events of vault, high bar, pommel horse, floor, rings, and parallel bars.